Of the salty-sweet variety

Behind each dessert that we make in our little space in Holland Village is a meticulous attentiveness to the integrity of the ingredients and the science of balancing flavours. Matcha to white chocolate, orange to dark chocolate, sea salt to gula melaka; these are just some of the flavours we love to pair.

Sea Salt Gula Melaka has been one of our signature flavours from the time we started Creamier. At the height of the salted caramel craze, we decided to put our Singaporean spin on it. Instead of caramel, we opted for gula melaka—more commonly known as palm sugar, which is traditionally used in local desserts such as chendol and ondeh ondeh. Coupled with hand-harvested sea salt from England, the result is an Asian rendition on a flavour that has outlasted the hype and is now common in many ice cream cafés.

At Sunday Folks, we take that pairing one step further with handcrafting toppings to go along with the freshly churned ice cream—some chewy sweet gula melaka mochi and a drizzle of homemade gula melaka sauce. A dessert that hits all the right savoury-sweet spots.