Home-baked tea-infused goodness

On tough days, it’s bittersweet to find strength in a mother’s words, that “there is nothing a cup of tea can’t fix.”

With May soon upon us, we wanted to celebrate the women in our lives in timely fashion for Mothers’ Day, and a collaboration with the Gryphon Tea Company seemed like the perfect fit. A long time partner of ours, they sought us out to create some home-baked cakes using their teas. The end result: a simple yet classic chiffon with floral and tangy flavours.

With their signature Melon & Mangosteen fruit tisane, we infused the tea flavours into a light sponge. Think juicy melons, mangosteens and tangy apples. Layered with a light buttercream, topped with blueberries and the season’s herbs.

This might well be our new favourite home-bake; launching 1st May.

It’s never too early to get your Mother’s Day plans in order too; sign up for our tea brewing workshop, pre-order a cake for a celebration at home or make a reservation with us.