The Sunday Selection: Secco+’s Coconut Prosecco

This October, we want to focus the spotlight one of the products we carry, which packs on just the right amount of bubbly to pull you into a relaxed state. Not to mention, it’s Oktoberfest!

If you’ve passed by the beverage display at Sunday Folks, you would’ve noticed rows and rows of prosecco bottles that come in a variety of pretty colours. These proseccos are from Secco+, a fun, German brand that adds a playful touch to sparkling wines. And while available in Guava and Passionfruit flavours (Classic prosecco is available as well!), our favourite among the bunch is the Coconut Prosecco, which never fails to remind us of a summer breeze by the beach.

Easy-going, relaxing, and light, we love how this Secco+’s Coconut Prosecco is a daintier version of a piña colada. The tart quality of the prosecco lends that citric flavour that’s entwined with the coconut. Best paired with our cakes, for sure! Have a cold flute of this coconut bubbly with a slice of our Warm Lemon Lavender Cake, and trust us, it’s a combination you’d want to keep coming back to.