The Sunday Selection: Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream

One could say that among the four freshly-churned ice creams we have in our shop, the Roasted Pistachio is quite the sophisticated choice. Made from 100% pure Pistachio nut paste from Italy, the colour isn’t as green as other Pistachio ice creams elsewhere because our supplier chooses to keep its light brown shade and not add any natural colourants; however, its flavour remains strong—a delightful explosion of nutty and buttery notes.

Our pistachio paste comes from the Emilia-Romagna region in the Northern part of Italy, where quality and sustainability form the core of our supplier’s business. Fragrant and delicious, our freshly-churned Pistachio ice cream has gone through a number of iterations as we like to play with ingredients that best complement its flavour.

We serve it now in our new menu with some crushed roasted pistachio nuts and Speculoos biscuit crunch for an added bite and a hint of cinnamon flavour. Enjoy it on a cone, in a cup, or on top of a freshly-baked waffle.