Share Some Handmade Love This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again when the weather feels a bit balmier than usual, when falling leaves bring about a notion of nostalgia, when Christmas music starts playing, and when lines of colourful lights start illuminating the streets at night.

No doubt, the holidays have begun. We at Sunday Folks have just what you need to make the holidays sweeter. Our Handcrafted Sweets & Biscuits, Fine Chocolates and Truffles, and Celebration Cakes make as ideal presents for friends who love to indulge in luscious small bites, but we also have a number of goodies made specially for the festive season.

Our Spiced Dark Chocolate Cointreau Fruitcake is our signature take on the traditional English fruitcake. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and made with 55.5% dark couverture chocolate, it is loaded with sweet dark cherries, juicy apricots, crunchy pecans, and dark chocolate droplets. Then, it is doused with a generous splash of Cointreau—a triple sec with orange notes that complement the overall cocoa flavour exceptionally well.

We also have a number of Festive Gift Sets where we mixed and matched various confectionery and chocolates into trios, depending on taste preferences. Our Grande and Luxur gift sets are great for corporate presents and large gatherings. Visit our online store (link to online store) and have fun mixing, matching, and gifting away.