Go on a (coffee) flight

We’ll admit, we love our coffee but we’re definitely not a dedicated coffee-house. We source our beans locally from mini-roasters, and we take great pride in training our in-house baristas to be knowledgeable about coffee. So, introducing a coffee flight is quite a big step for us.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply an appreciator, a coffee flight shouldn’t be as intimidating or pretentious as it sounds. Usually a set of three or more brews, a flight allows the consumer to experience a variety of coffee beans prepared in different styles, and to highlight the nuances among them, which may usually be difficult to decipher when not tasted side by side.

Next time you pop by Sunday Folks, ask about our coffee flight. We’ll be serving two espresso-based blacks: one with Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy and the other with Papa Palheta’s San Antonio Chaguite, and a Blackout Cold Brew Coffee using Papa Palheta’s Suke Quto.

Expect to taste the differences between each cup and feel free to ask our baristas about it! And if pushing your tastebuds the extra mile to pick out the notes is not your intention, enjoy the variety of coffee anyway. It’s not every day that we get to have a sip of three types of brews.