The Neighbourhood

Located at Chip Bee Gardens in the laid back neighbourhood of Holland Village, we at Sunday Folks couldn’t think of a better area to have set up shop in.

Lined with numerous artisan shops and eateries that take pride in providing a comfortable space to curious customers, we are situated in a hub that is highly creative and is surrounded by a calming energy.

On weekends, a lot of people can be seen enjoying our al fresco area where they greet friends and loved ones with a peck on a cheek, a warm hug, or a firm handshake. Sunday Folks is where cherished moments are built around slices of cake and plates of waffles and ice cream; a haven where friends meet up, catch up, and develop a deeper bond.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind, come visit our neighbourhood. Take a stroll, pop by the various creative shops, and end your day at Sunday Folks. See you soon!