Biscotti: A delicious twice-baked wafer-thin treat

“How is it so thin?!”

A common sentiment encountered during the events we took part in during the weeks leading up to Christmas time. When faced with such curiosity and wonderment, one could only attribute it to the skill of the pastry team.

We’ve served our biscottis this way since we launched our handcrafted sweets, always wafer-thin for that delicious crunch. In Italian, “bis” means twice and “cotti” means cooked, so it’s generally known that biscottis are twice-baked; once as a loaf and a second time as slices.

After baking whole, the loaf is sliced, revealing a variety of the added ingredients for texture and flavour. Throughout the year, we changed things up by choosing ingredients of that season: pistachios and cranberries for the year-end festivities, cherry tomatoes for spring, and apricots for summer. But no matter the seasonal fare, we always included almonds to pay homage to the biscotti’s Italian roots.

Butterless and made with wholesome ingredients, it’s no wonder the biscotti is a year-round guiltless sweet to pair with your favourite warm beverage.