All about our almond thins

Our almond thins have been a staple item in our menu since we first opened our doors in 2014. Packed with sliced almonds, this incredibly addictive treat is twice toasted — once on its own, and a second time as a caramel brittle. In-store, it is paired with our Earl Grey Lavender ice cream, where its savoury notes balance the sweet floral tea flavours in the ice cream.

So well-loved it is as a topping that when it was not included in one of our seasonal menus, it sparked some outcry on social media and feedback from dine-in customers. So when the festive season of 2016 rolled around, and we launched the Sweets of Sunday Folks, we just knew that our almond thins had to be part of it.

With the take-away option, it is now possible to nibble on some almond thins at home, or gift it to a friend. Eaten on its own or sprinkled over ice cream or even breakfast cereal, it makes for a luxurious treat any time of day.

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