Summer: The Bountiful Season

Inspired by the best of what each season could offer, we began our seasonal menus in 2016, with our Fall/Winter edition. With each passing season, we challenged ourselves to present new creations and explore ingredients we have yet to use in our freshly churned ice creams, home baked cakes, and handcrafted sweets and confectionery.

Summer rolled round in June, and the change in season (even though Singapore is an eternal summer) brought along a sense of carefreeness; a revitalised spirit to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. Summer is when Mother Nature pushes the season’s bounty out from the earth and into our hands. With the ripening of stone fruits, berries and melons, a burst of colours line the fields – a time of harvest.

This season’s highlight is the versatile tropical mango – sweet flesh with skin blushing red and yellow-green. Mangoes made us feel a little nostalgic; remembering the little ones (and when we were little too) gorging on the luscious fruit with juices running down their grubby fingers. The mango took centre stage in our menu, as an ice cream sherbet, delicious fruit panna cotta jelly cake, and even a homemade coulis sauce.

As we approach the last quarter of the year, we reminisce the summer gone past. As fall and winter thread on the heels of summer, our festive preparations are underway.

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