Lessons We’ve Learned from Making Cheesecake

In this day and age, we’re all about the hustle. We chase for deadlines and rush out to so many meetings. It’s like we’re living life on fast forward mode that we forget what it feels like to hit pause and simply go with the flow.

Baking comes with a lot of precision, calculatedness, and of course, patience. A lot of times, we can’t wait for the cookies to finish baking, or for a cake to finish cooling down, and when it comes to creating our Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake, we have learned that some things just work out better with time.

Probably the most important ingredient when it comes to making cheesecake is a ton of patience. It needs a long bake, a long rest, and a long chill. Apart from patience, making cheesecakes also requires confidence and care. If you try making a cheesecake at home, you may feel the temptation to immediately take it out of the oven once you hear the timer ring. However, it really does need ample time to cool down to the proper temperature so it will set. And once it reaches that optimal temperature, it needs some to chill further before digging in.

And just like in life, some things also need time; they can’t be rushed because just like an unready cheesecake, it could collapse when you dig in too early. At Sunday Folks, we’re all about unwinding, slowing down, and taking a breather. Our Tokyo Yuzu Cheesecake frequently reminds us of this, as it is slow baked to a creamy richness. It is then glazed and finished with yuzu peel.

The result is a creamy, dense cheesecake with hints of citrusy tartness to balance the cheesecake’s savoury notes. Good things come to those who wait, indeed.

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