Giving Dad the wonderful gift of cacao

When we think of Dad, we think of a steady and strong figure. Someone we can count on to make things better; comforting like the morning’s first cup of coffee, or chocolate from your favourite chocolatier. With all these in mind, it was easy putting together our Father’s Day treat for Dad.

Edible gifts are the best kinds—even better when they’re handmade. Our gift set for Dad is a pairing of our Blackout Cold Brew Coffee and your pick of Dad’s favourite handmade chocolate truffles. Blackout features Papa Palheta’s Suke Quto; bursting with floral, citrusy, and Earl Grey tea notes with a juicy, peach-like finish.

Balance out this sweet brew with an assortment of truffles: choose from melt-in-the-mouth “akai” miso (or red miso) caramel centre nestled within 66% Mexico origin dark chocolate with our Dark Chocolate Miso Caramel Truffles, 36% milk chocolate caramel ganache enrobing crunchy roasted almond nuts in our Caramelia Almond & Rose Truffles, and 34% smooth white chocolate with premium Japanese matcha powder, with raisins drenched in Jamaican rum in our Matcha White Chocolate & Rum Raisins Truffles.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; and we guess we can say the same goes for Dad. Shop something sweet for Dad on our online store here.