Behind the science of balancing flavours

We often call it a science, but sometimes it does feel more like an art—especially when it comes to the subjectiveness of flavour pairings and the decorativeness of food plating. This March, we tackle design in cacao pairings, in conjunction with District Design Dialogue and Singapore Art Week.

At Sunday Folks, we are dedicated to the craft of dessert making; this means using good quality ingredients, paying homage to the source and handcrafting a final dessert product that conveys the heart that goes into it. This applies to our chocolates, which is the focus of our workshops.

Over three days, Yijia, our pastry chef, will share about the raw chocolates we source from quality chocolatiers around the world, and how we pair ingredients that complement and balance the flavour notes of these cacao to create our own chocolate slabs. We’ve even created a limited edition dessert using all three white, milk and dark chocolates!

Join us for an in-depth sharing and tasting flight on cacao this 17th and 18th March! To purchase tickets and find out more details, click here. Tickets are selling out quickly, so do book a seat soon.